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New Logo, New Feature!

Good morning!

I am excited to announce two new additions to the website!

I spent a few hours this week working on designing this website’s logo. My goal was to create a logo that expressed characteristics that symbolized the website and its dental related content. I was striving for something simple, professional, and also had some attribute of dentistry that could easily be recognizable. After selecting the colors and coming up with the design, I am excited to introduce the new logo for Almaz Dentistry! It is designed as a vector drawing which allows me to grow and shrink it to any size without distortion! I hope you guys like it!





I’d also like to introduce the feature Ask Elias. This is a Question & Answer system which allows you, the readers, to submit questions and get responses. Readers can ask anything they would like, dentistry related or not. Furthermore, I plan to compile the questions submitted (with the asker’s permission) into a FAQ section in order to help others find answers to the same questions later on. If it is personal,  I will privately respond to it, so don’t hesitate to ask ANYTHING!

The form has its own own page titled “Ask Elias”. It can be found next to the home button at the top. The form is also posted here as an introduction!

[contact-form-7 id=”241″ title=”Ask Elias”]


Have a good week!


P.S. If you go to UC Irvine, please come out to our ASDA general meeting today at 5PM in SH 174!

By Elias Almaz

I am a dentist in Sacramento, CA. During undergrad, I served as the President of my local Pre-Dental Society and learned the intricacies of the dental admissions process. documents much of what I learned during that time.