What is the AADSAS Holistic Cover Sheet?

The ADEA AADSAS Holistic Coversheet is a new page to the application that is provided to your designated dental schools. The ADEA AADSAS Application Coversheet provides a quick reference to your application by displaying selected highlights of your background, experiences, and achievements as well as an outline of academic attainments. The coversheet promotes the concept of a holistic review which considers both qualitative and quantitative of your application.”


Please read the article which breaks down the AADSAS Coversheet and includes an example copy of a coversheet.


Do you send transcripts to each school your applying to or just AADSAS?

When you make your AADSAS account it will generate a matching form with a barcode. You will have to include that with your transcript for it to count as official. AADSAS will then verify and send your application to each school. You only need to send one transcript at this stage.

AADSAS will reopen your application for an academic update in mid-November. Wait until your fall quarter grades are posted on your transcript (until -late December). Once again, you will only need to send one copy directly to AADSAS who will distribute the update after verification.

At this point, you will no longer communicate with AADSAS

If you are waitlisted, schools may ask for a transcript directly to learn of your winter grades.

When you are accepted, schools will ask for a direct final transcript which must include your degree and last spring quarter grades.

I am a third year undergraduate applying this cycle. Do I wait until spring quarter grades are posted before sending my transcript?

Without knowing more about your situation, I would wait (like I did). Many schools have a 3 academic year minimum making waiting for your spring grades the safe route. The more coursework on your application, the stronger of an applicant you will be.

Spring quarter grades may not appear on your transcript until a few extra weeks after you know your grades. Let the office know not to send the transcript until spring grades are officially posted. Waiting may make it difficult to be in the first batch of applications mailed out, however, your application will still mail out within the first few batches. There will be no negative affect on your overall application.