I’m using interfolio, do I choose paper delivery or electronic delivery on AADSAS? Would I still need to provide the email address of my letter writers?

From my understanding you select paper but interfolio sends them electronically. This is due to the fact that interfolio needs the matching forms which are not generated when you select electronic since the instructions are sent to the letter writer directly. I believe you will still have to input the letter writers into AADSAS, then upload the matching forms to interfolio. Interfolio will then electronically deliver the letters to AADSAS. You can view the status of the letters via the “Evaluations” link on the right hand side. I would recommend not providing an email even though the letter is to be mailed physically. I am not sure if aadsas will attempt to send a matching form via email to the writer.


More information: http://help.interfolio.com/entries/24065501-ADEA-AADSAS-Applicant-FAQ

Do I need two science letters of recommendation for dental school?

In 99% of cases, yes you will need two letters from science professors. It is very likely at least one (most likely more) of the schools you apply to will need multiple science letters. The article simplifies the whole process by just assuming you will need two. If you have a list of schools you plan on applying to, you can determine how many science letters you need in total using this list. Keep in mind this resources is from 2010-2011 so it is advised to double check with the school directly as well. For example, if you plan to only apply to three schools (just simplified for the sake of the argument):
In this case, applying to UoP means you must have 2 science and 1 dentist letters in order to qualify for all three programs.

Can I submit my Letters of Recommendation/Evaluation before the AADSAS application opens?

No, Letters of Recommendation and Letters of Evaluation will not be accepted unless they are sent along with the AADSAS “Letter of Evaluation Matching Form”. Once the AADSAS application is submitted, you will be provided with the form to give to all recommenders, interfolio, or similar services offered by most colleges. The form includes a barcode that allows AADSAS to locate and verify your application.

What if the letter is not written by the due date. What do I do?

Don’t put yourself in this situation! The people who will be writing letters for you are very busy individuals and they often forget to write a letter of recommendation. The worst thing to do is to remind them last minute since at this point they will rush a letter all while being under pressure by the student.

The following time guideline, two-two-two,  is highly recommended so that you do not find yourself such a situation. Give the person enough time so they can comfortably write a letter for you in their free time. I recommend asking them two months before the letter is needed. This way they have no reason to feel pressured. Since you are asking two months in advance, two weeks prior to the deadline, contact the individual and remind them of the letter of recommendation and see if they need any other documents or information from you. The final component of this plan is to give them a deadline that is  two weeks before the actual due date. This will give you an extra window of time just in case they do not finish it on time for any reason. At this point, you can tell them that the latest the school will take it is two weeks from the deadline and that you would really appreciate if they could still write the letter for you. Following this procedure will minimize the stress on both of you and since a two month window was given, the recommended should not have any reason to think negatively about you if the letter sees any unforeseeable delays.

Should I give the person writing the letter anything to help make the writing easier?

Yes! Please do! When asking for a letter of recommendation, do not rely on a verbal agreement or an email conversation. Have a physical request that you hand directly to the person. I found a letter of recommendation template in high school and I have used it every time since when asking for recommendation letters. Please do not print out the template and fill it in. Rewrite it on a word processing program and have key parts like the due date in bold. Fill in the the accomplishments section and paperclip a resume and any other documents to the back of it.